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Fly Tying Accessories


Anglers Corner Head Cement
High gloss, fast drying, this is the best and most professional head cement offered on the market. You may find some product equal, but not better. I know you will not be disappointed.


Anglers Corner Thinner



Fly Tying Scissors
Every fly tyer needs a quality pair of scissors for tying flies. These scissors will do that up close work that is so necessary for tying quality patterns.


Fly Tying Tools

Dubbing Tools
I learned to dub with these tools twenty years ago. They allow you to tie the bodies of flies quickly in a manner that is durable and professional.

  $14.95 qty



Denny's Whip Finisher/Half Hitch Tool
This is the tool I’ve used to whip finish the heads of my flies for over twenty years. Wrap 3 or 4 turns over the prior turn, insert the hole in the end of the tool over the eye of the hook and slide the thread off. Pull tight and it whip finishes the knot in reverse. It’s quick and easy. Just add head cement and you’re done.

 $21.95 qty

Fly Tying Hooks

Searching for the best hook on the market is a very competitive task. Considerations should include quality of steel, hook gap, point sharpness, barb length and of course, price.
I use Daiichi and have for years because of the high carbon steel used for strength, its ability to hook and hold and the Daiichi precision tooled design at the eye, bend, gape and barb.
Cost should not be a factor when you consider your time spent tying, frustration from losing a quality fish due to hook failure not to mention the costs of all the other gear and trip expenses.
Daiichi hooks are less expensive than Tiempco, have a wider hooking gap and are sharper.
Simply, this is the best hook I have ever used.


1180 (DRY FLY) -$27.25 / 100qty qty
The 1180 is the best dry fly hook I have used. With a small barb and sharp point, I don't lose hook-ups. You may find hooks of equal value, but not better.

1560 (2X Strong) -$27.25 / 100qty qty
The 1560 is my standard hook for all my nymphs. I use it for my Stillwater Nymph, Peacock and Black Callibaetis Nymphs, A.P. Emerger, Midge Larva and the new Doctor John. This is easily the best nymph hook I've ever used and I tied a lot of flies on a variety of hooks.

1640 (1X Short) -$25.90 / 100qty qty
I use the 1640 for my Damsel pattern since I don't need a fly with a body, only tail off the thorax and wing case. It took a while to find the right hook for this pattern, but this is it. I also don't get as much tail wrap with a short shank hook.
1710 (2X Long) -$28.50 / 100qty qty
I use the 1710 hook in size 8 and 10 for my Dragon and Emerging Bugger and size 12-14 for my Grey Callibaetis Nymph. It is also an excellent light weight hook for any nymph you want to fish close to the surface.
1720 Size 8 (3X Long) -$35.15 / 100qty qty
The 1720 is a good hook for any bugger, leech or minnow style fly. I'll use it for leech flies in sizes 10 or smaller, my Stillwater Bug in size 8 and my streamer patterns.
1720 (3X Long) -$28.50 / 100qty qty
The 1720 is a good hook for any bugger, leech or minnow style fly. I'll use it for leech flies in sizes 10 or smaller, my Stillwater Bug in size 8 and my streamer patterns.

2220 (4X Long) -$28.50 / 100qty qty
The 2220 is the standard hook for my Seal Bugger, Multi Tail Bugger, Leech and Stillwater Bug. I'll also use it for minnow patterns on occasion. This is an excellent hook for any fly that requires a 4X long shank. Again, I don't lose fish with this hook.

2450 (1X Long) Silver-$24.55 / 100qty qty
The 2450 is a hook I use for short shank streamers, but could also be used for any fly with a long tail. It's a stout silver hook that hooks and holds fish. I use it for my Shiner Series of streamers when I use Polar Bear or Deer hair.

For a telephone orders please call me at (541) 381-2218

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