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SuperCat Pontoon Boat

With so many options available to the stillwater angler between float tubes, pontoon boats and prams, I haven’t found a better quality engineered craft for fishing lakes than the Super Cat. Lightweight, less than 13 pounds, twin floatation, durable, back rest seat, wind resistant, portable for back packing, this boat has it all. With a portable hand pump, it is quick to inflate and with a push of a button, quick to deflate.

There is storage (water proof) packs on both sides along with a larger storage compartment
bag behind the seat for the pump, coats, lunch and miscellaneous gear.

I prefer not to use oars so I can fish more and not row my way around a lake, but oars are an available option.

This boat comes in two lengths depending on the angler’s size. For the tall or anglers weighing over 225 pounds, the 60 is best. For all others, the 50 is perfect.

In my opinion, looking at all the pontoon boats on the market, this is the best boat for fishing Stillwater


SuperCat 50 Unit consists of two 50” pontoons constructed of 32 oz. aircraft aluminum tubing, heliarc welded and powder coated; pack straps; one rear and two side bags (orange/blue bags), stripping apron and fill adapter. Unit weighs 17 lbs. boxed. Ships as 30 lbs. for UPS purposes. $795.00
SuperCat 60 Same as SuperCat 50 but with 60” pontoons. Great for those who weigh over 200 lbs. Unit is 18 lbs. boxed. Ships as 30 lbs. for UPS purposes. $795.00

Click Here for more Super Cat Accessories


The Force Fin is just right for kicking in the upright position when sitting in a float tube, pontoon boat or other type of personal fishing craft. It is simply the best in all-around performance for kick boat propelling.
Adjustable, powerful, durable, comfortable, the Force Fin has it all. Anyone who has used them will tell you, “there is no better float tube fin on the market at this price.”


For a telephone orders please call me at (541) 381-2218


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