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Fly Fishing Accessories


Stillwater 18"
Ed Wachter nets are of the best quality available today. I prefer a wide hoop and deep well for trophy sized trout.

These are oak crafted and superb craftsmanship.

Polarized Sun Glasses
Think of what an advantage it is to watch how a trout reacts to your presentation. If you spook him, your are not going to catch him. Polarized sun glasses provide a huge advantage for the angler to spot trout below the surface by removing the glare. They also help to determine lake depths or underwater vegetation. If you want to be good at stillwater fly fishing, you need a quality pair of polarized sun glasses. No, not those that cost $100-150 dollars, you can buy quality for much less. The Normark Company offers an excellent pair of glasses for only $19.95. These are sun glasses that are light weight, provide quality eye protection from ultra-violet rays and are well constructed at an affordable price.


Retractable Tool Tether
This is the ultimate accessory for all those gadgets you need when fly fishing. No more need for the neckless that is dangerous and prone to injury This product has a steel cable (small) and enough clip rings to attach everything you need. Just clip it on to your vest or jacket.


Zone Cards
Understanding the zones of depths trout feed or hold in is absolutely critical to the success of any stillwater fly fisherman. However, knowing how to apply the correct line, pattern and retrieve is the difference between catching a few trout and lots of trout. To help remove some of the mystery, I have designed a simple four card system that fits into your vest pocket to answer those difficult questions when you need them answered. No more trial and error approach as to line, fly or retrieve choices. This will make it simple, easy to understand and easy to apply and you don’t have to leave the water. This is what stillwater presentation is all about.

$10.95  qty

NEW! Loon U.V Kit
This is an exciting new U.V. (Ultra- Violet) product for curing, smoothing and strengthening knots when tying fly line to backing or leader to fly line. It
also includes a UV. Wader repair ingredient
for fixing leaks in waders, float tubes or pontoons on your flotation devices. It comes with a U.V. mini lamp
and extra batteries that cures the application in seconds. No more half hour waits. It stretches and it’s permanent.

$29.95  qty

Tie Fast Knot Tyer
This is a tool used to tie a wide variety of fly fishermen's knots. Fast and easy to use, you will find this tool is a necessity when on the water.


Tie Fast Combo Tool
An all in one tool to use as a line clipper, eye cleaner, hook sharpener and for tying nail knots. With this, you don't need a variety of tools, just this one.


You can't fly fish without having a pair of nippers at your disp[osal. With this pair from Tie Fast Tools, it's sharp, has an eye cleaner point and can be easily attached to your fly vest or jacket.


This tool is used to remove the fly from the fish's mouth or for crimping down the barb of your fly. It's quality engineered for long lasting use.


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Fishing Jackets
From Snowbee USA.

At last, a fishing jacket that does the job when on the water regardless of the weather or time of day or season. Snowbee, USA, has a fishing jacket that protects from wind, rain repellent, keeps you warm in cold weather and lets your body breathe when it's hot.

Durable, well made, comfortable to wear, two big pockets for flies or assorted tackle items, olive in color, it's the best jacket I've worn in 50 years of fly fishing.



For a telephone orders please call me at (541) 381-2218



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