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Fly Rods

Picking a fly rod that's best for you is no easy task. With so many quality rods to pick and choose from it's difficult to make the right choice.

In 2001, I chose the Diamondback Rod Company to build my rods because of their professionalism in rod design, finish, quality of rod blanks and their reputation for standing behind their product. I wasn't disappointed.

I have fished each of these rods and I'm convinced you will find the quality in performance both casting and playing big trout that you rarely plan for, but seem to show up when you least expect them to take your fly.

Each rod comes with a lifetime guarantee to replace the broken parts as long as the manufacturer is still in business. Without the overhead of owning a fly shop, you will find these rods are priced well below the top rods on sale in the marketplace today. No one can match the price for the performance. If you have questions please call me direct. I know you won't be disappointed.

Diamondback Rod Company

Length Weight Pieces Model Action Price
9 5 4 Flex Med. Fast $306.00 qty
9 6 4 Flex Med. Fast $316.00 qty
9 7 4 Flex Med. Fast $336.00 qty
9 5 4 View Med. Fast $236.00 qty
9 6 4 View Med. Fast $249.00 qty
9 7 4 View Med. Fast $265.00 qty

All rods come with cloth bag.

Note: By using fluorocarbon tippets and a loop knot to tie the fly to the tippet in conjunction with a soft tip rod, you can use heavier tippets reducing the risk of break-offs


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